Garbage Truck Repair

Garbage Truck Repair

Repairing, Refurbishing and Restoring Garbage Trucks.
That's What We Do!

We specialize in painting, repairing, refurbishing and rebranding garbage trucks for waste  companies throughout South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.

This includes FEL trucks, Rear Load Trucks, Roll Off Trucks and more.

No job is too small or large.

Here’s what we do:

Specifically, waste companies turn to us for Front Load, Rear Load, and Roll Off Truck Repairs including, but not limited to:

  • Broken or cracked arms or lift forks
  • Arm rests or stops
  • Ejector blade repairs and rebuilds
  • Tailgate seals
  • Rusted out tailgates
  • Cab Shield repairs or replacements
  • Cylinder replacements
  • Tailgate locking
  • Wear strip replacement
  • Structural repairs
  • New floors
  • New hopper liners
  • Make your truck leak proof again

New Floor


Wear Strips

Wear StripsEDITED

In addition, we do complete boom rebuilds that make it safe and easy for your drivers to pull cans as good as a new truck.

This includes:

  • New side roller replacement
  • New boom hinge replacement
  • Install new large roller
  • Remove and install cylinder lift brackets
  • New light bars
  • New fenders installed
  • Tarp system repairs or replacements
  • Repair structural components
  • Cylinder protection covers
  • Bumper replacements and rebuilds


 We repair Front Load Trucks back to the condition they were in when they were new. For example, we use the original and proven to last AR-400 that the OEM installed when new.

We continue to grow because we constantly improve and innovate.

1. Fully Equipped.

Our shop is equipped with all of the equipment needed to make the repairs quickly and economically to get your truck back on its route as quickly as possible.

2. We Accommodate

If you are in the South Carolina, North Carolina or Georgia, bring your truck to us. If not, we have connections with a tow company that can pick it up and bring it to us.

3. Skilled Fabricators

Our fabricators are highly skilled, and can provide any fabricated part or component needed for any truck.

4. Machining Capability

We have limited machining capability to replace old and obsolete components that might be long lead time or impossible to obtain anymore.

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